Stamped concrete back yard patio with step lighting

Stamped Concrete Installation

Stamped concrete is one of our favorite decorative concrete finishes. There are many patterns and colors to choose from. Visit to check out your options. Stamped concrete is the most expensive out of broom finished, exposed aggregate, and stamped concrete. In order to maintain its appearance, you will want to re-seal it every couple years depending on how much use it receives.

There are many additional steps involved while installing stamped concrete versus installing regular, broom finished concrete. These include adding a base integral color into the concrete mixer, casting a stamp release, accent color over the colored concrete, tamping a stamp pattern impression into the wet concrete, cleaning the excess, powder, accent color from the new concrete, and sealing the new concrete using a solvent-based sealer.

Sometimes, after sealer has been applied to stamped concrete, the surface can be a little more slippery than what you're used to with broom finished concrete. If this is a concern of yours, let us know. There's a product we can mix into your sealer to increase the slip resistance. Also, if you'd like to decrease the overall gloss of your new stamped concrete, there's a product we can add to the sealer to reduce it. Just ask us.

Pictures of Our Work

We'd love for you to check out our stamped concrete projects in Indiana.